Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to the blogging... Top 5

First things first... my apologies for not writing the last three blogs (when Tim left...HALLELUJAH... when the Top 6 performed..and when Siobahn left..which needed to happen!) First time EVER since I started these a few seasons ago that I've skipped any blogs at all...let alone three. I was just REAL busy last week and, if we're being honest here, I kind of stopped caring about this season a long time ago. Sorry. Sad, but true. I still feel the need to finish it out though, so I will.

To recap... Tim leaving was the best thing to happen to this season so far, and I did not shed ONE tear when Siobhan left last week. She had honestly gotten worse and worse as the weeks went on. I'm not sad that she's gone. Not one bit.

Ok...so here we go. Down to the top 5! I think it's way cool that Harry Conick Jr. played for all of them tonight. And I DO love me some Frank Sinatra songs, so there were two good things about the show right off the bat. Alright......

Aaron: Well, Aaron.. you're still here aren't you? It was good. Not great, not bad... just good. I will still VOMIT if you win the whole thing, but you've been sounding a little better the past few weeks so I'm willing to cut you a little slack. You were cute as a button tonight and I thought that was good song choice for you. I feel as if Aaron will stay through this week, but might be out by the time next week rolls around. I'm feeling a Big Mike/Lee/Crystal final 3 so that doesn't leave Aaron much hope. I still feel like he SHOULD go this week, but the 11 year olds are still voting so you just can't be too sure!

Casey: You are very good looking. The scruff you had going tonight... exxxcellent! The pulled back hair.. also a good choice. Yum. He started out a little bit shaky, but it wasn't bad. Some of the notes were a little too high for him, but let's be real here...we have heard MUCH worse this season. So in comparison, it wasn't that bad. They were hard on him, which I understood, but these are also the people that thought Tim Urban sang good, so...really, where's the credibility in that? He for sure looked a TAD uncomfortable without his guitar, but I am SO glad he didn't play it for once in his life! He really should stay over Aaron this week..but since he was in the bottom 2 last week, he might be in trouble again. What he NEEDS to do is keep the scruff. Forever.

Crystal: Keeping it real for the girls... last one standing... First things first, she looked great tonight! That dress was killer on her. and she even fancied up her dreads real nice. Good work, Crystal. This is for sure not her style of singing, but she still, in the words of Randy "did her thing". I honestly NEED her to win this competition. For many reasons. The most obvious one being...she has a great voice and one that is DIFFERENT and not already played out like most of the other contestants this season sound. That should be reason enough. The ONLY thing I don't like about her is that she gets a little too talk-backish with the judges. She always has some sort of defense about at least one thing that they say. I still think she's the best one left and I am pulling for her. Keep it real for the ladies, Crystal!

Big Mike: I wish I liked him as a person more. He just annoys the daylights out of me!! I can't really put my finger on exactly what it is other than his arrogance, but I just don't really like HIM. His voice though, I love. It's just nice. It's an easy listen. Problem is.. I've heard it 6 million times before. It's called "every other male R&B singer that has ever lived". He really does sound great every week but HONESTLY... if he wins this thing he will just be Reuben Studdard 2.0 and everyone will forget about him in 9 months. I think the fact that he got saved actually did save him... I really think he, Crystal, and Lee will be the final 3. But, what do I know!? Oh, and Mike..one more thing... STOP LICKING YOUR LIPS or I WILL be forced to boycott everything you do.

Lee: As a person, he is WILDLY boring. I mean, WOW. He should for SURE take some tips from Harry... HE is a good time! For as boring as he is personality wise, I actually really liked his performance tonight. He seemed like he was having a good time and his voice sounded pretty good. A few jank notes here and there, but overall pretty good. I will never be jumping out of my seat for him, but tonight was probably the first performance of his that I can legitimately say I'll remember. People seem to really love him so I will not be surprised if he's in the final 2 with Crystal. That's my professional opinion anyway. He's definitely not going anywhere this week.

Ok...I must talk about Ellen for a minute. I love her, I really do... but to make a joke about Harry's piano every time you critique a contestant? Not necessary. Just not necessary.

My prediction is that Aaron and Casey will be the bottom 2. I have not one clue who will end up getting the boot, but that is what I think will happen. We shall see!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Top 7...

So I'm writing while watching again... mostly because I don't feel like spending any extra time on the show than I absolutely have to. It's really sad to me that it's come to this. From a season like last year where I LIVED to write these blogs... to a season like this one where I honestly forget the show is even on each week. Sad. Just sad.

Ok...here we go... Alicia Keys as the mentor. I'd say that's a good choice. I mean, it's not a bad choice so by default I have to say it's a good choice. She's successful enough at this point in her career that it makes sense... especially with all her charity work and such with Idol Gives Back coming up. I can see why they chose her this week.... Now, onto the show.

Casey: Oh, well we're back to the electric guitar with him. I guess that's just his thing so he should do what he's good at. --- His voice actually sounded really great. He's never sounded BAD, I'm just never jumping out of my seat. This performance is MUCH better than last week when he stood in the middle of the teeny bopper front row, so I'll give him props for that. I could see Casey being successful.. I just don't know for how long. I feel like he, along with Lee who hasn't even sung yet, would just get lost in the shuffle of every other guy who sounds just like them and has the same vibe. He's got "the whole package" as they say though, so I'll be really surprised if he's not at least in the top 4 or 5. I can totally understand why the judges were a little ho-hum with him tonight... welcome to my world, judges!

Lee: Funny that he was right after Casey since I just lumped them together in the same category. First things first Lee.... GET A BETTER PERSONALITY! When Ryan was introducing him he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else. DUDE... you are on the biggest show in the country and trying to become a rock star... SHOW SOME EMOTION! He frustrates me. I want to like him, I really want to. --- Ok... his voice is fine. But I feel like he always does his songs just a bit too high. He always seems to be stretching for a note or two.. or three or four. With that said though, he sounded good tonight. But again, not great. I'm not excited. I'm not jumping up and down. And, in approximately 25 seconds, I probably won't care what he did. Also, I like that song...but there are just way to many "la la la's" in it. If Lee can liven up a little bit I think he can make it pretty far because there IS something likable about him.. I just can't seem to really figure out what it is. I was glad to at least see him smile during his critiques. You should try that more often Lee!

Tim: Better Days by the GooGoo Dolls!? Oh no. I'm nervous. The last time I heard this song song live, it was by my brother...who happens to sing WAAAAYYY better than all of these boys... so I can only imagine this is not going to be good. --- And would you look at that, it isn't. Not good at all. This is another off night for him... I just cringed actually. SO flat. AH!! I just want to scream at this show!!! Tim had a few weeks in the last month or so where I was maybe trying to give him a chance and cut him some slack. Tonight it was confirmed that my first instinct about him was dead on: NEVER should have been in the top 12!! It just wasn't good. Flat all over the place and just SO blah!! I am SO glad that judges didn't tell him it was better than it was. Thank God they kept it real. He needs to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Aaron Kelly: I Believe I can Fly?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! I feel like this song needs to be put in the same category as any Celine or Mariah or Whitney song. Not that R Kelly is the best singer I've ever heard, but it is NOT an easy song to sing and people who are not R Kelly should just not try it. We know R can sing it...we've heard him do it since, what, 1997? We just really shouldn't allow other people to sing it. --- Ugh. Again I just do not know how to express my anger and frustration with this show! Why is he in the TOP 7!?!?! I have obviously heard much worse, but that song was a bad idea!! Too much. It was just too much and he janked up one too many notes. I'll give him the last note...that was pretty good. But it was STILL not great! I'm just torn. Was it horrible? No. Was it "inspiring" as the theme suggested? Sure. Was it good enough to be in the top 7? Um.... not so much. I agree with Simon... if I heard that version on the radio I would've turned it off immediately. He's a sweet kid, but time to go.

*Ok, I just heard Ryan say that Siobhan is going to sing Whitney AND Mariah... which can only mean one song... When You Believe from the Prince of Egypt. I just know it. Siobhan....what did I JUST SAY about those ladies and their songs!?!?! Leave them alone!!!! Oh, boy... here we go.... I'm already annoyed and I haven't even heard it yet.

Siobhan: I can't. I can't do it anymore. I can't handle her voice. Can't handle the vibrato and the beefy tone. I just can't. I feel like she is getting worse as the weeks go on, and that's just never a good thing. Um...that key change!? No. Awkward and out of place and not good. The high, slow falsetto at the end before the very last line, was the best part of the song. The rest? I was not a fan. And neither was Randy, so I'm glad about that. Ellen.. I love you and I think you're hilarious but you have nothing of value to say. Kara... on the contrary... I can't stand you and would never want to hang out with you, but YOU are right on the money lately! Here's the thing... Siobhan.... you HAVE to have known that that song is NOT A SONG THAT ANYONE SHOULD EVER SING!!! You didn't want "who the song is by to scare you away from doing it?" Well.. you should. You should want that. And you should've been scared away from it. I love a lot of songs that I am smart enough to never sing. It's common sense as a singer!!!! Ugh.. for the flying flip!

Big Mike: He looks bigger. He legitimately looks bigger than last week. What on earth? --- Ok, when he first said "Hero" I thought he meant Mariah's Hero... thank GOD that was not the case. Big Mike is a great singer, but tonight was for sure not his best. He's still a better singer than most of the guys left... all of them actually, in my opinion. I'm not sure how I felt about this song for him.... it was a bit of a "rock vibe" which really isn't his thing. I also think that his big note at the end was a little off...which is unusual for him. However, even with the fact that I can't stand his arrogance lately, I still like his voice. It wasn't my favorite performance of his, but it was better than Tim and Aaron combined!!

Crystal: The only one I am looking forward to. I just like to see what she brings every week. I'm glad she's not playing an instrument... it's good to know that she's not totally relying on her guitar. --- LOVED the a capella start! It says a lot about a singer when they can still be on pitch when the music finally comes in. Here's what I love about Crystal's voice... even when she's sliding up to a note and might not always hit it right on every time, it just sounds cool when she does it so I almost just don't care. Like it's just almost part of what makes her so great or something. I don't know. Umm...she's crying.... what? Did I miss something? I think I was writing and not paying enough attention... let me rewind.... so she was thanking the Lord I guess. Well alright! I suppose the song IS talking about getting on board the train to the Kingdom... like heaven, right!? Well I might've gotten a little teary talking about that too! I am just on the Crystal bandwagon for sure. She's different....she's edgy... she's got a great vibe.. she needs to win. If she doesn't win, I'll be mad. I just decided.

Ok...if Aaron, Tim, or Siobhan don't go home tomorrow night I will scream. They NEED to be the bottom 3, but we all know that's probably not likely. Based on the performances tonight I don't see how it could be anyone BUT the 3 of them, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Just PLEASE let one of them go. Even if the other two are safe.. just please let it be ONE of them! If there is any justice in the world of American Idol it needs to be one of them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another elimination and another episode I didn't really care about....

Well, Andrew and Katie are gone and I'm really just fine with it. Andrew was for sure going home, and although I thought it would've been Aaron joining him, I'm not sad at all that Katie is gone. She's done well the last two weeks, but that isn't saying much since the rest of the weeks she's been on the show have been wretched. It's a shame that Andrew left so early since he had such a great run in Hollywood week, but sadly, he wasn't going to win anyway so it didn't really matter when he left...he was bound to leave eventually.

Ok...the performance by Brooke White and that Jason or Justin whoever he was. Eeek. Not good. Not good at all. She was pleasant and nice on her season, but she's still just as awkward now as she was then. She STILL...like 3 years later..looked so nervous to be up there performing. And whoever that was singing with her.... yeah, umm... no thank you. I would've rather seen more of that Africa video with the precious Elliot and those cute little kids than to have wasted 4 minutes listening to them sing that song. It just wasn't necessary.

Now....my favorite part of the show was of course Adam, but I must be honest..and I'm sure everyone will appreciate this.. I didn't think his performance was all that fantastic this time. I wasn't crazy about the way he started the song and I wasn't crazy about all the smoke and lasers. I also think his voice has sounded much better in the past than it did tonight. I was still excited to hear his screams and it was nice to be reminded of how wonderful last season was since this one is a train wreck, but I was hoping for an all caps kinda paragraph about Adam and it's just not happening. I still say he's 20 thousand times better than anyone on the show this year... so at least he's got that going for him! I can't wait to see him in concert this summer!

That's about all I've got for this week. I'm actually finding myself having to force these blogs cuz I just am so over this season that it's hard to find the excitement to write them anymore. I don't think there's ever been a season where I legitimately didn't care who won. The only thing I can say for this season is that it BETTER not be Aaron or Tim.

Another week of Top 9....

I would like to start this blog the same way I started many a blog last season... with a letter to my beloved Adam Lambert!

Oh how I have MISSED YOU!! Tomorrow night will be the most fantastic show of the season for me since you will be performing! And although it seemed that not one contestant listened to your advice, it was so wonderful to see you again! You were the reason I tuned in tonight... even though I would've watched no matter what, YOU were the reason I was finally excited about a show this season and I'd like to thank you for that. I'd also like to thank you for coming to Minneapolis on June 12 because I will BE there!!!! Once again I'd just like to say... you rock my world.

Ok...now that that is out of the way...let's just talk about one more thing before I get to the performances. WHY wasn't I that blonde girl in the audience tonight? You know...the one that was sitting right behind my one love, Adam, and right NEXT to my other love, Mr. Shuester from Glee! Ugh. I was so jealous of her all night long! Who does she think she is!? Ugh. Enough about that though...all in all it was a pretty decent night. I'll just say right off the bat that my prediction for the two going home is Aaron and Andrew... but we'll get to them later... Let's talk about the girls first.

Crystal: I feel like I am running out of things to talk about regarding Crystal. She's been so consistent that it's almost as if nothing more can really be said. She's a great vocalist...HAS been since the beginning, and she always seems to do a great job no matter what the song choice or how she chooses to switch it up. She sounded great tonight, picked a song that fit her voice well, and performed it great.... just like pretty much every other week. I wouldn't say that I'm getting bored with her... but it's just nothing new. I will be VERY surprised if she is not in the final two....

Katie: Once again I cannot believe that I am writing this sentence... but Katie did a great job tonight. Maybe she just needed to get over her nerves the first few weeks or whatever, but for the second week in a row now I've thought that she's sounded really good. I'm still not crazy about her, but she has come LEAPS and BOUNDS from where she started in the top 24. I will say, however, that she needs to cool it with the accessories. WHY do you need to wear 10 necklaces AND huge earrings AND a huge ring, AND bracelets. Less is more, Katie! The good news for her though is that I can now say (much to my own surprise) that I like her better than...

Siobhan: I'm just over her. Here's the deal...and hopefully someone can answer this for me,.. what is UP with her 238 different voices? Her tone is ALL over the place. One minute she sounds one way, the next minute she sounds completely different. I don't like it. I just cannot stress enough how much she has been reminding me of an SNL sketch lately with the way she sings. I just can't take her seriously anymore. I'm not really sure where it was that she lost me, but I'm lost.

Alright....on to the fellas.
Andrew: I think his time is up. His take on Hound Dog was just such a snooze fest! Sure his voice sounded good, as it always does, but people are not gonna vote for him if they are bored out of their minds. I'm not saying that Adam was the best idea for mentor because he's been on the scene for approximately 45 minutes, but I DO think his advice should've been taken here and Andrew should've sped up the tempo a bit or something. I just think the judges were right in the beginning of the top 24...Andrew peaked WAY early with that Paula Abdul song and has been trying to catch back up to it ever since. He got close a few times, but never really got up enough momentum to QUITE get back to where he was with that performance. I think he's going home this week..... along with...

Aaron: Oh, my. For the love of all that is awkward! I might've been the only one that thought this, but he looked SO uncomfortable boppin' around the stage like that! I don't know WHAT was up with Kara's "I like seeing you out of your comfort zone" comment, because WOW, I don't think he should ever go out of his comfort zone if that's gonna be what he looks like when he does it! His vocals weren't horrible, but the performance as a whole was just not good. There is just no reason why he should stay another week. Not one. And as much as I thought a few weeks ago that he should stay over Tim Urban.. I'm beginning to rethink that one.

Tim: Well, he did it again. He actually sang most of the song in tune and he managed to do it without annoying me this week. WHAT is going on?! Just when I think I will never like the kid, he goes and has a slightly better than half way decent performance. His guitar playing was great, I thought. And his vocals were MUCH better than they have been in previous weeks. And let's just face it....if dude wasn't even IN the bottom three last week..there is literally no way he's going home after doing better this week than he did last week. I still do not think he deserves to be as far as he is, nor do I believe he should go any further than a 7th place finish... but I'd be willing to bet he won't be one of the two people leaving tomorrow.

Lee: He's another one that I feel like I don't really have much to say about anymore. He is consistent in his performances, has never once made me cringe due to any horrific vocals, and is fairly likable despite his somewhat absent personality at times. He's a mix between David Cook and Danny Goeky. Good tone...a slight rock vibe... and just good, solid performances for the most part throughout the competition. I'm not excited about him and never really have been, but there's nothing about him that I dislike either. He's just kind of "there" for me. I like him, I'm just not crazy about anything he does.

Casey: I sound like a broken record here, but again...what is there to say about him that hasn't already been said? I agree with the judges that it was just okay for him tonight, but again....nothing horrible has ever come out of his mouth and he's got a decent enough voice that I usually enjoy most of what he does. But am I jumping out of my seat and voting for him over and over again? No. Do I get excited to see what he's gonna do every week? No. Do I think I'd ever buy his album or follow his career? No. I still think he'll be around to at least the top 4, but just like a bunch of the rest of them, it just doesn't really matter to me WHERE he ends up.

Alright, I left Big Mike for last because I need to vent about how much he has been BUGGING THE SNOT OUT OF ME lately. I would like to end this blog with a letter, much like I started it. Only this will be a letter to Big Mike, and it will not be showing as much love as my letter to Adam did.

Dear Big Mike:
Please, for the LOVE of God, stop doing the 'double wave' every time you all come out at the beginning of each show. It is annoying. And, even more than that, you look 100% ridiculous when you do it! Also, if you chest bump yourself with your fist ONE more time, I might scream. No...no, I take that back....if you chest bump yourself WHILE closing your eyes in a "much too long/I'm just taking it all in and relishing the moment" mega blink...THEN I will scream!! Why? Why have you suddenly become so arrogant? You walk out onto the stage every week as if you think you BELONG there or have some sort of entitlement to be there. You need to dial down the cocky if you want to stay out of the lowest vote getter club. I can guarantee that is why people stopped voting for you. It can't be because of your voice, because that part of you is actually really great. You always sound good and your pitch is always spot on... which is why it's a shame that people are starting not to like you. Seriously, just quit with the double wave and the "I think I'm the star of the show" vibe you've been having lately. It's not working for you and I'd like you to stop. You deserve to be in the upper half of this top 9, and the constant lip licking and fist pumping are going to keep putting you at the bottom of it if you don't knock it off already!!

Whew... ok, I'm done! I'm not sure who else will be in the bottom three, but I'm pretty sure that Andrew and Aaron will be the ones to go home this week. I'm also pretty sure that seeing Ryan dancing with that guy (who apparently was Michael Sarver from last season) was completely unnecessary and a little to weird to have been happening.

I'm just ready for tomorrow night's Adam performance!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And there's the save....

This blog will be short and to the point because there just wasn't too much going on for me tonight to spend too much time on it...

Ok, the save of Big Mike... complete right decision on the judges part. The fact that they even had to use it on him, ridiculous. How does the contestant, however arrogant he may act, with arguably the best pitch in the entire competition, get the lowest number of votes? And Tim... honestly.. not even in the bottom three?! I mean, I'm not that surprised because of the fact that he's the love of every 12 year old, but oh my WORD is his safety getting annoying! I thought for sure it was gonna be Andrew once Aaron was sent back to safety (another ridiculous move!). I'm glad Mike was saved... he didn't deserve to have gotten the lowest number of votes.

The best part of the show for me was when Ryan confirmed that ADAM will be the mentor next week!! Yay!! I can already say without any doubt that next week's episode WILL be my favorite episode of the entire season. Hands down. I cannot WAIT to see the wonderfulness that is Adam. I also cannot wait to hear him perform on Wednesday... a performance that is sure to trump every other performance from this entire season! Oh Adam...thank you for coming back into the Idol world.. I literally cannot wait!!

Jason Derulo (sp?!) and Rhianna... I fast forwarded through most of their performances. I just didn't feel like taking the time to pay attention and wanted to just get to the results. David Archuleta was fantastic though! I didn't fast forward through any of him. I loved that performance of his on his own season and it was even better tonight! He's just so adorable. A BIT awkward...especially when he was exiting the stage and not quite knowing what to do... but he's just presh.

I love how Ryan has to make everything so dramatic. (And by "love" I mean...seriously...what is the point of that!?) Even with the fact that he TOLD us that the producers told him there were some SHOCKING results... I still didn't really think it was ALL that dramatic. Sure it was shocking that Aaron and Tim were safe and Mike was almost gone, but why the need to talk about how dramatic the show is gonna be. Just "let it be" dramatic (pun intended!).

Ok...that's about it for me tonight. I am already looking forward to next week and I can honestly say it is the first time this season that that has happened. It's a bit sad that it has nothing to do with any of the current contestants! In any case, congrats to Big Mike for getting another chance. Let's hope there's some sort of miracle and the two going home next week are Aaron and Tim! A girl can dream.....

Top 9.... somewhat steppin' it up finally

I am going to start this blog with a sentence I never thought I would ever write.... wait for it.... ok... here goes... I think Katie had the best performance of the night tonight. There, I said it. I know, I know... I was just as shocked as everyone else. But I must give credit where credit is due, and she did excellent tonight! That was by far the best I have ever heard her...including her audition which I do remember was very good. I never would've questioned her position in the top 10 over Lilly if that was the way she'd been singing all along. I sincerely hope she keeps that up because she still has a ways to go to earn her spot. She was the best tonight, but that still doesn't quite make up for her weeks of horribleness. And yes, I did just use horribleness as if it were an actual word.

Moving on to the other 8 performances tonight.... in no particular order....

Tim Urban. Again, dude... I'm just done with you. That was not bad... but it was also not wonderful. He's just SO average and so BORING to me! His smile, although apparently his #1 trait according to the other contestants, is horribly irritating to me. I think it's the way he has to wrap his upper lip around his fang teeth that just gets under my skin. I'm sure he's a sweet kid, and I'm glad he's "having fun up there" (which he makes sure to tell us all EVERY week!) but he really is just not good enough to keep sticking around. The problem is, and I've said it before... as long as there are 13 year old girls with cell phones, Tim will stay in the competition. Let's just hope that they all got in trouble for something this week and were sent to bed with no phone privileges.

Big Mike. Nothing new with Big Mike. He performed well, he sang in tune, he "did his thing" and it was all well and good. He's getting a little too predictable for me, but I guess that same thing could be said of all of them so I won't spend too much time on it with him. He's just a bit too "eh" for me. Nothing about him is all that exciting or different. I do enjoy the fact that he is never out of tune except for a SLIGHT few notes here and there, but there is no "wow" with him. And I still can't get over that cocky vibe I get from him. I don't know. I don't think he's going anywhere for a while though, and I'm okay with that. He's a good singer and that's what it's about anyway.

Siobhan. She is a walking SNL sketch to me. Her clothes, the way she talks, her every action.. everything about her screams parody to me. Even her voice now has gotten to the point where I just don't know if I can take her seriously. If you dvr'd the show tonight and still have it saved, go back and play the first two lines of her song and try and tell me that it does not sound like she is making fun of the way someone would sing that song. I feel like she sounds like what my siblings and I would do when we were trying to sing in our "stupid" voices. Last week she was awful, and this week for me just did not help. I don't like her voice at all and I will be really surprised and quite annoyed if she sticks around until the final two like everyone was predicting in the beginning. I'm done with her.

Crystal Bowersox. Oh, Crystal. You're also getting a little to predictable (aside from the piano thing last week which doesn't really count since you only got out of your box once now), BUT even so... I still really enjoy you. She never sounds forced, she never sounds like she's trying too hard, and she always sounds like she just loves to sing and doesn't care what anyone else has to say or think about it. I could hear her on the radio. Kind of like a mix of Cheryl Crow and a girl version of Dave Matthews or something. I just like her vibe and I'm glad she's continuing to do well. If a girl's gonna win it this year, it's gonna be Crystal.

Casey. Casey is pretty. His hair is pretty, his eyes are pretty, his face is pretty. He's just one pretty dude. I don't hate his voice, but I don't love it. I feel like he is a mix of quite a few previous Idol contestants. If you took Bo Bice, Bucky Covington, and Constantine Morales and rolled them all up into one, much better looking than all three of them, person... you'd get Casey. He's got a little bit of all of them. Bucky's hair... but prettier... Constantine's "sex appeal"...but WAY more believable and NOT creepy... and Bo's rocker vibe... but way less annoying since he doesn't flip his hair and grab the mic stand every 3 seconds. I think Casey will be one of the last guys standing. I wouldn't be surprised if it was him and Crystal at the end. I feel like he's the kind of contestant that girls will love for obvious reasons, but that guys probably also would vote for.

Aaron Kelly. Oh dear, sweet, adorable Aaron. You've gotta go. Plain and simple. You weren't great tonight. Not great at all. Cute as a button, yes... but in a competition to find the best singer, you just aren't cutting it. It's a shame, really, because he does occasionally have a really great moment where his voice will sound wonderful. But those moments are becoming more few and far between as the weeks go on. He also has no real style, and very little personality on the stage. He seems nervous, which is understandable for a 16 year old, but you'd think the nerves would've calmed down a bit by this point. I just really don't think he should stick around much longer. He can stay one more week than Tim Urban, but after that...he needs to pack it up.

Lee Dewyze. I would done two things differently in that performance if I were Lee... a.) I would've sung it an entire step DOWN because some of those high notes were a BIT of a stretch, and b.) I would've kept the bagpiper but NOT had him come down the stairs. That was quite distracting and a little confusing. The sound of the bagpipes in there was cool, but the entrance was a little bizarre. I really liked how he engaged the crowd to sing the "nah nah nah nah's" . I mean, you can't listen to Hey Jude without singing along to that part, so that was nice that he recognized that. He did good. He's got that rocker-ish tone that is really popular right now, so I can see why people would like him. He's, as Simon would say, very "current" at the moment as far as what's on the radio and all of that. I think the race for the guys is between him, Casey, and Big Mike at this point. Which leaves us with one more guy... just slightly behind the rest....

Andrew Garcia. I like Andrew. He seems like a good guy, seems like a fun person to be around, and has a good personality, despite what Simon has concluded. I like his voice too...it's good and easy to listen to and he's got great tone and usually is pretty solid when it comes to pitch. I'm just not sure he's really breaking out as someone that people are gonna fight for. Sure he won us all over in Hollywood week and he IS a good singer, I just feel like he's getting very one dimensional... too much so in the fact that even when he has a great week like he did last week, you just kind of forget about him when it's all said and done. For whatever reason, I just think that Casey, Mike, and Lee have passed him up a little bit as of now. I will literally SCREAM if he goes home before Tim or Aaron though. That is just not something that should ever happen.

Well... overall it was a good night tonight. I still cannot believe that Katie did that good. I will be really surprised if she's in the bottom again because for the first time this WHOLE season, she actually doesn't deserve to be there. The three that should be there, in my opinion, should be Tim, Aaron and Siobhan. BUT, since nothing has been going my way at ALL this season, I'm sure that won't be the case! We shall see. OH...and I heard a little rumor that Adam Lambert is going to be the mentor for next week.... to which I say, HALLELUJAH!! If that's true, this might be the first week that I actually legitimately look forward to the show again! Be prepared for another Adam praising session if he shows up next week! Don't say I didn't warn you....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This show has got to be kidding me.....

I'm about done with this season. Are you kidding me that Tim, Katie, AND Aaron were safe again!? C'mon!! I'm so irritated. I suppose I can't complain too much because I usually vote for Didi and last night I didn't, but STILL... to have Katie and Tim be the safe ones out of that bottom three? No. At least the other two were THERE. I guess that's saying something, but honestly. This is getting old. I'm trying really hard to still care, but I just kind of don't anymore. I'm not even gonna apologize for mentioning him again cuz now, more than ever, I REALLY miss last season and Adam! Love him or hate him, at least he was exciting! Gee whiz!

The fact that I am irritated with this season is not helped by my LARGE disdain for Kara. Shut up. Just shut up, Kara. When you made that "joke" about Simon being in love with himself.. um... newsflash...Ryan had already said that 35 seconds before you did. Good try, though. MAN she annoys the snot out of me! And her talking to Tim about if he really understands what they're saying... I mean, for real. Sure I don't think Tim should be such a smiling fool either, but who cares!? Let the kid smile.... don't crush his dreams if he's living in some lala land where he thinks he can win... just let him live there. We all know he's NOT gonna win, so what harm is he causing? Get over it.

Ok.... Usher. Um. That song was utterly ridiculous. Much like this season! There was ACTUALLY a lyric that said "your booty...wow.... your boobies...pow!" ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?! Between that and the performance by P. Diddy that I fast forwarded, I just didn't know what to do with all the r&b entertainment tonight. Even Reuben, who I love, sang a cheesy stupid sounding song. What the junk!? Going back to P. Diddy.... did Ryan introduce him as "P. Diddy Dirty Money"..... PLEASE do not tell me that he's changed his name again and that THAT is what it is now. I have one thing to say to you, Mr. Diddy: get over yourself.

I'm not even gonna get into the whole intro with the movie trailer and all that mumbo jumbo. It was all just real dumb. I just cannot bring myself to care about this season the way I want to. I wish that I was as excited about it as I was last year. I wish there was a contestant I was crazy about. I wish I looked forward to the show each week. And I WISH the horrible singers would stop sticking around. It's like Sanjaya all over again. I think it might be safe to say that the rest of this season is just gonna be a big yawn. With Lilly and Alex not even in the Top 12, my interest was already decreasing.... and now with Lacey and Didi gone and Tim and Katie STILL there... my interest is lower than it's ever been. After last week I thought we were on the way back up, but this week just put it right back on the road to sucksville. As Simon would say, I am very frusTRATed.

If Tim doesn't go home next week I may consider not watching the results shows anymore and just blogging about the singing. I just don't know how much more I can take.